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School Badges


  • Date April 6, 2022

Kids love badges, so why not make them customised to the interests of their school classmates? Kids can choose to be rewarded for the things they enjoy and they can also customise the badge to their own personality by choosing a favourite colour, adding a nickname and including a special message. Parents aren’t forgotten either – they can even get a certificate of thanks!

Students deserve to have a say in what they have to wear on their shirt. With our badges, students can represent their school with pride, express their personality and interests, and show off the work they’ve done throughout the day.

We provide customised school badges for students who need to identify themselves as belonging to a group. These badges are made of durable, bright, and reflective material. This is useful for situations such as field trips and other events where students need to be easily identified, or when children are playing games which require them to identify themselves with a certain team 

Schools are always looking for new ways to motivate students and reward their accomplishments. Our solution: Badges, a wearable that doubles as a badge card. Join us in making schools more student-centric!

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