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  • Date April 6, 2022

When kids graduate from high school, it’s customary for the parents and teachers to present them with a graduation medal. But many schools don’t have the funds for this kind of purchase. That’s why we stepped in to create a way for schools to purchase their own graduation medals at a minimum price. 

Schools and sports teams work tirelessly to fundraise for their events and need medals, ribbons, trophies, and more. Yet many people are unfamiliar with the process of ordering these items, how much they cost, and how to get them in a timely fashion. Here we come with unique solutions where you can get each and every type of school medal.

The school medal is the first piece of memorabilia that a student receives, but it’s often mass-produced and bland. We provide an option where parents can choose their child’s school, subject, and year when they order a medal. We offer a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. School medals are delivered in a presentation box with the recipient’s name on it, ready for presentation day!

In the city of Aligarh, one of the most well-known manufacturers of medals is called Harlatson. They also engage in the business of trading in school belts, neck and bow ties, belt buckles, and other items that are associated with this sector of the economy. In the city of Aligarh, one of the most well-known manufacturers of school badges is called Harlatson. 2005 is the year that the company was formally established as a going concern and began operations. Our one-of-a-kind product line has garnered a lot of praise for its many admirable qualities, such as its ability to keep its original colour, avoid shrinking, last for a very long time, have excellent stitching, and be flawlessly finished. These are just a few examples of the many laudable characteristics that our products possess. These are just some of the characteristics that have led to the overall success of the line, but they are certainly not the only ones. These are just a few of the many admirable qualities that have been mentioned in the praise for this individual. Our clients know they can depend on us to always supply them with products that are of the highest possible quality.

We are able to design and manufacture products that are customised to the requirements outlined by the customers, and we make this level of personalization available for each and every one of our wares. The requirements for the job could be laid out in the form of specifications, which could be written up. Because we run a production facility that is on the cutting edge of technology, we are in a position to successfully complete the bulk orders that are placed with us by our customers. We go to great lengths to ensure that each and every one of our customers can experience exceptional levels of comfort while wearing any of the school ties and belts that are a part of the vast assortment of products that we have available for purchase.

Because we are a well-known manufacturer of medals in Aligarh, we are committed to providing customers from all over the world with the finest selection of school medals that is possible within our stock. Our customers come from all corners of the globe. The student is required to wear this particular belt at all times while they are on campus because it is a requirement of the educational institution that they are attending. When making these belts, the customer’s preferences regarding the school logo, preferred designs, and colour choices are taken into consideration during the manufacturing process. When production of the belts is finished, they are put up for sale to the customer at a price that is comparable to that of other items that are of a similar nature and are sold at the same location. The prices that can be found for these medals on the market are considered to be toward the lower end of the price spectrum when compared to other buckles of this type. These medals are available in a plethora of different price points. These medals, prior to being offered for sale, are subjected to a battery of stringent inspections carried out by our quality control team. During these inspections, the finishing is scrutinised in great detail.